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The Magic Game of 21

Blackjack is mainly a luck and chance game, but also a strategy game. Blackjack is now the most popular and profitable casino game because gamblers believe it is the one game that can be beaten by card counting strategies. Blackjack is also called twenty-one and pontoon, gambling card game popular in casinos throughout the world. Its origin is disputed, but it is certainly related to several French and Italian gambling games. In Britain since World War I, the informal game has been called pontoon. The object of the game is to “beat the dealer”. (more…)

Suing Casino For Allowing Underage Gambling.?

Question by Maverick: Suing Casino For Allowing Underage Gambling.?
Can i sue a company for allowing underage gambling?

can i sue the same company for having a gambling game, in which they control the outcome resulting in a 0% probability of winning.

i live in las vegas nv.

basically the story is i went to a carnival, saw a game that said i will win XXX amount of dollars if i bet this much.

i lost about 500 dollars, before figuring out there was a 0% chance of me winning, because they controlled the outcome.

so it was an unfair gamble, and an illegal gamble, i am only 19 years old, and the legal gambling age is 21.

this carnival was held in a casino property. and will be leaving in 24 hours.

what legal action can i take against this?
can i sue their company?
i would like to sue what is the first step?
they had a sign that said 18 years old and above.

when the legal gambling age is 21 years old.

so they knew i was under 21.
They had a sign that said 18 years old and above.

so they were allowing 18 year old kids to gamble knowing full well the age limit is 21.

can i do anything to sue them, or at least have the casino fined?

Answer by ryan
You would get in trouble,not them,they might not know your age

Is it illegal for a person under 18 to order things online?

Question by Human of the Year: Is it illegal for a person under 18 to order things online?
Minors obviously can’t have credit/credit cards, but if a person under 18 has his or her own money in a checking account, can he or she legally make online purchases using a debit card?

(Don’t laugh, I’m not taking Economics until next year.)

Answer by Chad B
Not unless their debit card has a credit card sign on it. Like normallyit is a Visa or Mastercard sign.

Where can I read about how playing certain online games is Illegal in Texas?

Question by utfan67: Where can I read about how playing certain online games is Illegal in Texas?
I used to play online bingo all the time, until there was a law passed and it banned Texas residents from playing.

Where can I read more about that law?

Answer by Hugo S
The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed by the government in 2005 with a bill about port security. It does not allow US banks do business with offshore gambling websites, especially one of games of just luck. I am mainly a poker player, and I am a memer of the Poker Players Alliance, trying to prove to the government that poker is a game of mainly skill, with only some luck involved to have it carved out of the UIGEA laws. I do not know a whole lot about online bingo, but I believe this Act has affected anyone who gambles online. I live in Texas myself, but I do not know of any laws that Texas has passed, only these federal laws. Visit the websites below to learn more about the UIGEA and the PPA.

Have you ever ended up at an online poker/casino site?

Question by joezen777: Have you ever ended up at an online poker/casino site?
What led you to download their application? Referred by a friend or were you searching for something? Thanks

Answer by Jimmy Page
I can’t say I ever have.

Cheapest/Easiest way to die.?

Question by IdontEven: Cheapest/Easiest way to die.?

I am looking for a cheap and an easier way to die. (as apposed to shooting oneself which would require a gun that I cant get for many reasons.) I’d prefer drug overdose. I’d rather not have people clean me up off the floor or wake up to a bunch of gore. I can’t hang myself because there is nowhere to do so in my dorm. I don’t have a car so the best I can do is Walmart and I can’t order anything off the internet or parents will find out. I am looking for drug names and amounts necessary for a likely fatality. I know there isn’t anything that I can get that is 100% chance to kill, but I don’t mind trying a second or third time.

If you try to convince me against killing myself I will just ignore you. This isn’t a decision I made at the spur of the moment. It has been at least 7 years of contemplating and I have thought of everything that would result from me not being around anymore so save it for someone else. If you can’t answer my question then don’t reply.

Thank you
Note: I am atheist. I used to be Christian. You won’t be able to convert me, I promise.
Note 2: My reason for suicide is something that will not end until I am dead.
Why did I think that the internet would be able it listen to instructions?

Answer by Juan
The world will miss you buddy. But all i can do is pray for a miracle. God will be with you(:
But remember this is your choice

Advice Needed: Underage Gambling?

Question by : Advice Needed: Underage Gambling?
Ok so I’m only 17 but I want to play online casinos. I know its illegal and gambling isn’t the best but I just wanna give it a go for real. What are the chances of my bank or the casino(s) realising I am not actually 18 and gambling? And what sort of consequences does this hold?

Answer by nickdc1960
My friend, let me help you here.

I was you once. Only, this was long long ago. I thought that “gambling was cool”. Where the heck did I get such an idea? Oh you know, those freaking James Bond movies. Hell, they even named one “Casino Royale”. Yeah, you know, James Bond goes in and bets on Black 13 or something and wins a boat load of money. Then all the beautiful women want to go to bed with him. And he saves the world and gets to drive off into the sunset in his Aston Martin.

So what did I do? Oh, I went to Atlantic City at age 18 and thought I would have a grand old time there. Gambling is 18 in Atlantic City, whereas it was 21 in Las Vegas. What a wake-up call!

My friend, you can not get something for nothing in this world. It’s like anything in life. You will always hear about the big winners, but they are one in ten thousand. There are 9,999 losers that you never hear about. And some of them really make some big mistakes.

Stay the hell away from gambling. On my last three trips to Las Vegas Nevada, as a forty-something adult, I gambled NOTHING. I never even bothered to play the freaking nickle slots. Not a penny. Why? Well just look around that place sometime. Someone had to pay for the lavishness of LV, and it was the clowns that went there and lost their money to “the house”.

Find yourself another hobby. Women, booze, whatever. It will be better than losing your money to gambling.

All Anime fans!!?

Question by Black Winged Assassin: All Anime fans!!?
Another survey that I’d like you guys to answer please.

1. What is the best shonen manga that you ever read? (Shonen meaning boys)
2. what is the best shoujo manga that you ever read? (Shoujo meaning girls)
3. Name 3-5 best fighting style manga that you read or anime that you’ve seen
4. Name the best weapons that you ever seen from #3
5. Coolest characters that never break down emotionally
6. Best snack for the day
7. Would you eat that snack for the rest of the month?
8. Could you beat Naruto/Goku/Luffy in a food contest?
9. Name your fave character
10. If that particular fave character asked you out on a date, where would you go?
11. If you were able to create a character in Naruto/Bleach/Inuyasha/One Piece, what would they be like? (Include, name, appearance, clothing style, fighting style, etc.)
12. Do you watch anime on the internet or on tv?
13. If you were an anime character, which anime world would you be in right now?

Star if you like anime *

Answer by Static
im an anime fan but ur asking for a little too much

Does it really matter what college you go to? How do i set my son Straight?

Question by Kyle: Does it really matter what college you go to? How do i set my son Straight?
My son wants to go to Stanford but i say no. Its too far away, what if i need him to help me? Like what if i have to get back surgery again? Who will cut grass. My wife? Plus it costs a lot and a ivy league. He says if he does not go to a school like Stanford he will be a failure like me… Like really, why would a job care if you went to Stanford or a local community college? Computer programming is the same right? He said Stanford has iPhone programming and our local school does not. Plus hes like people in California is better and blab blab. Plus he thinks he can start his own business… He said he wants to work in California for a few years and save up money to start a business(he calls them Start ups)… You don’t work for a few years and switch to do your own thing or another job. Why do kids think they can pick a job and then switch or do another thing? I worked at the same job since i was 19. My dad worked for the same job for 60 years. How do i set my son Straight? I feel like we have been a bad parents for him to get all theses crazy ideas. Plus the school system also agrees with him! We got in a argument and he went to his high school consoler. She said “If you can get in to Stanford, go. Money should not be a issue”… She isn’t paying for it, what gives her to right to tell him that? I know people who did grants/loans and work for Walmart. Didn’t get a job they wanted. I don’t understand him, why not work in construction like me and my dad or go to college to be something productive like a doctor? Computers aren’t going to be around in 10-20 years, you can read about the government trying to ban internet or lock it down. Am i wrong or is he right? He acts like he knows more then me because he reads stuff on the internet but i lived longer then him so i must be smarter…
No. This isn’t a joke. I am trying to shape him into the right kind of person like Me and Dad.

Answer by loki
If this is a joke…why isn’t it funny?

What are some good sites for a 13 year old?

Question by Kimmy S.: What are some good sites for a 13 year old?
It’s 1:20am.. I’m super bored, what are some good sites on the internet fro a 13 year old?
Your right Andrew..

Answer by Ridenour Carole w
I don’t know you like to do? If you like watching TV, you can go to a network to see.