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i need gambling solace ! help!?

Question by Joakim Noah: i need gambling solace ! help!?
ok well i gamble alot online and im only up 18,000 but i should be up 50,000 at least and it makes me sick every night even though i do have a pretty good profit and this nasty feeling is taking over me. what do you think? what should i do?

Answer by spacefighterjarthon
QUIT! go outside and get some fresh air!

Gambling Problem?

Question by Eagles20: Gambling Problem?
What is a way to tell if you have a gambling problem??

Answer by ЀA†H
if you gamble over and over again, and u go bankcrupt

……..free poker online?

Question by : ……..free poker online?
am looking for free poker online too win prizes please help me

Answer by conacre
High Stakes Poker
High Stakes Poker

Enjoy a game of free online five-card draw poker with your friends.
No Limit Texas Hold’em
No Limit Texas Hold’em

The stakes are high in No Limit Texas Hold’em
6th Street Omaha Poker
6th Street Omaha Poker

Put your stakes on 6th St. and win BIG in online poker.
Panda Pai Gow Poker
Panda Pai Gow Poker

Video Poker
Lost Temple Poker
Lost Temple Poker

Help Tex Carter reach the lost temple in this multi-hand video poker game.
Double Deuce Poker
Double Deuce Poker

Double your fun in this free video poker game.
Jacks or Better Poker
Jacks or Better Poker

When it comes to online poker, Jacks or Better is better than ever.
Jokers Wild Poker
Jokers Wild Poker

Online poker where the jokers are wild!

Jackpot Games and Prizes

The Jackpot Games are: All-Star Football, All-Star Football Challenge, Blackjack Carnival, Checkers, Chess, Command & Conquer: Armored Assault, Command & Conquer: Attack Copter, Dominoes, EA SPORTS™ Web Soccer, First Class Solitaire, Hangman Hijinks, High Stakes Poker, High Stakes Pool, It’s Outta Here 2, Lost Temple Poker, Keno, NASCAR® Web Racing, Panda Pai Gow Poker, Payday FreeCell, Pebble Beach Golf, Pebble Beach 3-Hole Challenge, Perfect Passer, PGA TOUR™ Golf, Pogo Bowl, Poppit!, Quick Shot, Rainy Day Spider Solitaire, Ride the Tide, 6th Street Omaha Poker, Ricochet Xtreme Online, Slots (Ali Baba Slots, Sci-Fi Slots, Showbiz Slots, Showbiz Slots II, Spooky Slots, Vaults of Atlantis Slots), Spades, Stack’em, Swashbucks, Sweet Tooth, The Sims™ Pinball, 3-Point Showdown, Top Down Baseball Challenge, Tumble Bees, Vert Skater, Video Poker (Double Deuce Poker, Jacks or Better Poker, Jokers Wild Poker), Word Whomp; Club Pogo exclusive games that have a jackpot include Aces Up!, Battle Phlinx, Blooop, Canasta, Casino Island Blackjack, Dice City Roller, Dice Derby, Fortune Bingo, Greenback Bayou, Harvest Mania, Hog Heaven Slots, Jigsaw Detective, Jungle Gin, Lottso!, Mahjong Garden, Makeover Madness, Penguin Blocks, Perfect Pair Solitaire, Phlinx, Pinochle, Pop Fu, PoppaZoppa, Quick Quack, QWERTY, Shuffle Bump, Squelchies, Stellar Sweeper, Texas Hold’em Poker, Tri-Peaks Solitaire, Wonderland Memories, Word Craft, WordJong, Word Whomp Whackdown, and World Class Solitaire.

Jackpot Prizes start at U.S. cash and increase by .01 every 20 seconds until someone wins the prize or the prize reaches ,999. If the prize reaches ,999, it will remain at this amount until someone wins the game. Once a winner is identified, the game will begin again and the prize will be reset to . (If the Jackpot is won in the Jackpot amount will be equally divided among all members of the winning team.)

Jackpot Multipliers Occasionally, there will be Jackpot Multipliers (Double Jackpots or Triple Jackpots) for a particular game. In these cases, if the multiplied jackpot goes above the ,999 prize limit, the jackpot will be capped at ,999. For example, if a jackpot of ,500 is displayed in a Triple Jackpot game, and someone wins that jackpot, the jackpot will be capped at ,999.
To enter:
1) Play a Jackpot Game
2) If you win the game, you’ll be eligible to win the Jackpot Prize for that game.

For instructions on how to win a specific Jackpot Game prize, see the “How to Play” section for that game.

Are there any online casinos that offer penny blackjack and/or roulette that also accepts players from the US?

Question by universityusmc: Are there any online casinos that offer penny blackjack and/or roulette that also accepts players from the US?

Answer by Anna Johns
I have played at a lot of online casinos, the smallest bet for a table game I have seen is

Even in a regular land based casino… … If you find a smaller one, let me know ;)

sites where you can compete online for cash and prizes?

Question by magaal24: sites where you can compete online for cash and prizes?
do you know any sites which are legal and virus free, where you can compete online cash and prizes internationally?

Answer by josephz2va
There are many sites that give winning prizes. Cash on the other hand is not legal to have as a prize. Spending cash to earn cash is a form of online gambling which is illegal.

Has any ever built elevators that connect 2 buildings?

Question by WhydoIdothis: Has any ever built elevators that connect 2 buildings?
I could not find one during a cursory look on the internet. It just seems some visioneer (sic) would have done this somewhere.
I meant a true elevator shared by two buildings that would look like a bridge from outside the building

Answer by Blue Sky
Wouldn’t that be a moving sidewalk? Or shuttle train?

is online gambling haram? if there are no other evils attached to it like drinking, and if you’re doing it at

Question by sahil: is online gambling haram? if there are no other evils attached to it like drinking, and if you’re doing it at
home then no other societal evils. and as you’re not playing in group then no chance of inciting hatred etc. and also if there is a way where the odds of winning using a particular technique are very high.

Answer by Poppy Pickette AM – VT
Gambling is always haram in Islam. If you’re bored, play video games.

w2g write off question for gambling losses on lottery .?

Question by cynthia: w2g write off question for gambling losses on lottery .?
when entering in gambling losses. can you enter in all losing lottery tickets ,or do the tickets have to be for an specific game? for example if i won on the power ball can i use mega millions tickets to count as gambling losses also?

Answer by tro
gambling losses are only claimed on Sch A and only up to the amount of your winnings
you need to have some documentation as to your losses

Free Casino Games that are fun?

Question by Brittany: Free Casino Games that are fun?
I would just like to know of a free casino website. I would like one where you get to make your own aviater and chat and justhave a good time. thanks

Answer by Madara Uchiha
omg my granny goes there all the time…… freeslots.com

Gambling and debts problem?

Question by fuzky l: Gambling and debts problem?
Hi, i’m a 31 yrs old guy with gambling and debts problem now. i’m currently in 4-5k of debts now, it consists of 3 credit card with outstanding balance of 2k, 700 of internet and mobile bill. i also own a friend 2k in cash. my current job pay me between 1.2k to 1.4k per mth. Any very good idea to help me to settle my debt, thanks.

Answer by Josh
If you want a realistic answer on how to make that kind of money somewhat quick you need to sell some sort of drug when you arent at work. Im 17 i made 2k in a month from just selling pot… I stopped when legal trouble came in, but its quick cash. Or win the power ball.