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is there a place online where i can gamble at dominoes?

Question by yahoo: is there a place online where i can gamble at dominoes?
not gamecolony!!!
uhh i am very very spectacular at dominoes. i really barely lose. i’m shocked when i do. i want to play online for cash. any good sites?

Answer by Jon T
Here are some:


Good Luck……

Surface Computers?

Question by robert f: Surface Computers?
I know anyone can access the internet from virtually anywhere these days, but what about surface computers? Will food chains like McDonalds have them?

Answer by rankenory
Selected casinos, hotels and retail stores are scheduled to introduce surface computers later this year. Since surface computers recognize images and can read credit cards, they’d be a great idea for food chains like McDonalds, although food chains aren’t part of the inital roll-out. Based on what surface computers can already do, I imagine that you’ll be able to make menu selections from your table (which will be a surface computer), place your credit card on it, and find out when your order is ready, all without getting up from your seat!

do I have a gambling addiction?

Question by scottish guy: do I have a gambling addiction?
hey, my mate and I went to a casino a few weeks back and I loved it it wasn’t just about the money it was the rush I got from winning, I have been every day this week (to the casino) I can’t stay away all I think about until I go is I must gamble I am worried that this could be the start of a problem (I have not lost any money yet I have been very lucky though I should add)

Answer by Myah
Maybe your starting an addiction, maybe instead of going gambling you could do the online game things, so your not spending money?

any suggestions for an exciting travel job?

Question by treyster: any suggestions for an exciting travel job?
I want a job that involves travel and adventure, but i don’t have a college degree or exp. I should just keep waiting tables shouldn’t I?

Answer by Prairie Girl
Get a job on a cruise liner. There are so many jobs available and you see the world while you earn your salary. I’m sure this is only a partial list of jobs.

tour coordinator
security guard
short order cook
pastry chef
massage therapist
nail technician
beauty operator
personal trainers
youth counselor
activity director
social hostess
stage staff
sound & light technician
casino dealer
disc jockey
internet manager
computer system technician

Anyone ever seen a SurfControl report?

Question by gravvyboat: Anyone ever seen a SurfControl report?
I just found out my company monitors its top internet users. I am one of these. They use SurfControl.

Anyone know how your activity is broken down on one of these? Anyone have an extra they could mail me?

Worried at Work!

Answer by High Jack
SurfControl Plc., LSE: SRF, is a British software company, based in Congleton, that produces Internet filtering and desktop security products. The company provides website filtering, e-mail filtering and desktop security software for both enterprise and home users.
Current product range

The following SurfControl products make up what is known as the “Enterprise Protection Suite”:

* SurfControl Web Filter – Website filtering software available as a standalone product and as a plug-in for a range of firewall software and hardware
* SurfControl E-mail Filter – E-mail filtering software available as a standalone product and as a plug-in to Microsoft Exchange
* SurfControl Enterprise Threat Shield – Enterprise level, real-time desktop security software
* SurfControl Mobile Filter – An addition to SurfControl Web Filter which offers filtering for mobile devices
* SurfControl Web Filter for Citrix – Web Filtering software for users of Citrix Presentation Server.
* SurfControl Report Central – Reporting software for the e-mail and web filter software

SurfControl also currently offer the following products:

* RiskFilter – Rack mountable hardware appliance containing e-mail filtering software and hardened Linux Operating System.
* CyberPatrol – Web filtering software for home users (Windows)
* SurfControl Web Filter for ISA Server is available on appliance hardware from Celestix Inc.

Categories used in website filtering

Administrators that deploy SurfControl Web Filter can allow or restrict access to websites by category if they wish. Administrators that deploy SurfControl E-mail Filter have the ability to create rules which allow or restrict e-mail messages based on the category of embedded URL links.

The following list of categories is not necessarily exhaustive; SurfControl have the ability to create new categories and administrators can also create their own categories.

* Adult/Sexually Explicit
* Advertisements & Popups
* Alcohol & Tobacco
* Arts
* Blogs & Forums
* Business
* Chat
* Computing & Internet
* Criminal Activity
* Downloads
* Education
* Entertainment
* Fashion & Beauty
* Finance & Investment
* Food & Dining
* Gambling
* Games
* Government
* Hacking
* Health & Medicine
* Hobbies & Recreation
* Hosting Sites
* Illegal Drugs
* Infrastructure
* Intimate Apparel & Swimwear
* Intolerance & Hate
* Job Search & Career Development
* Kids Sites
* Motor Vehicles
* News
* Peer-to-Peer
* Personals & Dating
* Philanthropic & Professional Orgs.
* Phishing & Fraud
* Photo Searches
* Politics
* Proxies & Translators
* Ringtones/Mobile Phone Downloads
* Real Estate
* Reference
* Religion
* Search Engines & Portals
* Sex Education
* Shopping
* Society & Culture
* Spam URLs
* Sports
* Spyware
* Streaming Media
* Tasteless & Offensive
* Travel
* Violence
* Weapons
* Web-Based E-Mail

what do i need to do to buy chips do yall have a reason why im not able to buy chip to play poker what happen?

Question by : what do i need to do to buy chips do yall have a reason why im not able to buy chip to play poker what happen?
when i try to buy chip it dont let me it say contact here

Answer by LegFuJohnson
I don’t know where you are talking about (and thanks for supplying so much information), but I’m sure no one told you to randomly ask a Yahoo answer board.

Gambling on the Dogs- Venue Vs. Online?

Question by : Gambling on the Dogs- Venue Vs. Online?
So technically I am legally old enough to gamble on dog races at a venue, how come I cannot do so online? More specifically, how come I cannot do so on paydog.com?

Answer by kelvin S
You have to be 21 yrs of age, maybe the computer program is saying you are younger? Hope my answer was helpful?

Adult XXX Website Directory Submission?

Question by Tejas C: Adult XXX Website Directory Submission?
can anybody tell any Adult Internet Marketing Company/Search Engine Optimization Company that offers Adult SEO Directory Submission?

am having 20 Adult Websites and need to promote that xxx websites.
I want to submit to internet directories that allow adult submission.

Answer by Search P
Search Rank Professionals (http://www.SearchRankPros.Org) Offshore Search engine experts for Directory submissions services

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Bovada Dispute Charge Collections Gambling ONLINE?

Question by Tompl: Bovada Dispute Charge Collections Gambling ONLINE?
I have been using BOVADA online gambling poker site for about a year. I have received some payouts and I have deposited about 00 worth of transactions (about 20 different transactions) into the site. So far I am even or maybe a bit ahead. I have read that online gambling offshore is illegal and if I am depositing money into their site I am part taking in money laundering. The site uses 3rd party merchants to process credit card transactions so they never appear on credit card statement. I am a bit afraid that I might be, some day identified as a player on this site. Is there a way for me to dispute all 20 transactions in order to get the money back from my bank so this way I will not be accountable for my actions? BOVADA told me that they will send me to collections but not sure how they are able to do that if they are using 3rd party merchants to process their illegal activities. What should I do? What would you do? Would you dispute the charges to get the money back? Would you just let it go because there might be a possibility of being sent to collections? I wonder if I do dispute the charges what consequences will that haveā€¦.??

Answer by mina
I’m sorry my friend, it looks like your meddled in some illegal stuff, it’s best, for you, to just leave it alone, it’s not worth it, more money is made everyday.

R – POINT (2004) – Does anybody know where the abandoned french mansion is exactly in the film R- Point?

Question by CJ: R – POINT (2004) – Does anybody know where the abandoned french mansion is exactly in the film R- Point?
The directors said on the dvd commentry that its in Cambodia and that it is possible it may be a UNESCO ‘historical treasure’ . Apparently its a former french Colonial hotel/mansion with unusual architecture internally. Does anybody know where exactly it is? and if it is a UNESCO site?

Answer by maxkyril
not an Unesco site (neither in in Cambodia, nor in Vietnam) but the movie has been done at Ho Chi Minh City (ex Saigon).