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Does anyone know a good attorney to recover my lost money?

Question by Gambl: Does anyone know a good attorney to recover my lost money?
Yes, if anyone who reads this question helps me find an excellent attorney to find a legal way to recover the money I lost at some online casinos I would handsomely reward that person.

This would be a tough fight since online casinos must have excellent attorneys and they have audit firm approval.

I have a sure way to prove how the games are biased.

No discouraging, negative answers that do no good whatsoever, please.

Answer by Mr. Luva Luva
It has always been my theory that online casino’s games are biased. But how do you know for sure? I hope you win your battle, but I don’t think any attorney would take the case. These casinos are based internationally and it would be nearly impossibly to prove wrong-doing and win in court.
I wish you luck and I have felt for years that these casinos cheat. I hope you win your case. Good luck!

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  1. Let this be a lesson to you… You wont get your money back, these online casinos are based out of the country, so just forget it. If you used a credit card and they commited fraud, you are not responsible, call your credit card company, but if you just lost gambling, thats your own fault. Stop being dumb.

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