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Is it legal for me to have a friend in Las Vegas place sports bets for me at casinos?

Question by Stryker95: Is it legal for me to have a friend in Las Vegas place sports bets for me at casinos? And also how about an online casino in Australia? I just read on the casino site casinocarignan.com that many casinos are legal and you can win a lot of money?

From what I understand its illegal to gamble online if your in America (so much for freedom), but I do know its legal in Las Vegas. Since I don’t live in Vegas can I have a friend place the bets for me and then transfer the winnings to my bank account? I really wish America would just tax this area instead of leaving it so gray.

Answer by halefarmboy
If you trust him to do so, go ahead. Vegas doesn’t require IDs when placing bets.

3 Responses

  1. I think it’s technically illegal but no one’s going to care if it’s just your friend. If you’re betting a large amount of money it might make your taxes a headache, since your friend would get the W-2G. Otherwise, go for it. It’s not illegal for your friend to give you money.

    Now, if your friend were doing this as a business for hundreds of different people and advertising his services somehow and taking a cut of the winnings, they’d go after him for running an illegal interstate gambling operation or whatever. In the case of what you’re doing, no one gives a crap.

    Also, you’re not allowed to use cell phones in the sportsbook area of the casino. Hopefully your friend knows this.

  2. There is nothing illegal about having your friend make the bets.

  3. Nothing illegal abou having a friend place your bets. Dont know all about the acount thing but how ever you do your money would be up to you!

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