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Is it possible to make money by selling letter stamps?

Question by Richard: Is it possible to make money by selling letter stamps?
if so…how does this work?

Answer by Rick B
Sure. Buy a couple thousand “forever stamps” then wait for the rates to go up. you could make two or three cents on every one!!

2 Responses

  1. Previous poster’s idea won’t work.

    The cost of postage, adjusted for inflation should go down, not up. This is due to general efficiency gains.

    If postage goes up due to fuel costs, the profit would be eaten by general inflation anyway.

  2. seinfeld_potter

    no bodys going to buy them like that! They will go to a real place that does that! I would NEVER buy stamps from some guy! Even if they were 10 cents cheeper! I would go to a real store!

    Sure, its allowed, but i am saying, i wouldnt buy it from just a random guy, even if i KNEW they were real! Thats just not me, but hey, if you have a good way to sell them (best guess is the internet) then it may be a good way to make money (if you buy enough, it will be worth it.

    you can also SAVE money by buying ALOT now, just for yourself, before they get more expensive!

    However, the stock market is unpredictable, the cost may even go down, not up! Its a gamble, i would just avoid it all together.

    besides, soon, mail by postage may not even be around like it is now. In fact, all mail could be eliminated because of the internet. no one really needs mail, but some prefer it. Besides, junk mail would just be in spam, so you can just deleat it, instead of using all that paper just to be recycled! So……if i were you, i woulnt take the chance!

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