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Is possible for one to be an internet addict and how do you know when you are?

Question by LaU LAr !: Is possible for one to be an internet addict and how do you know when you are?
This is a bit of what i read on some blog on 360,Basically the whole blog prompt me into asking is that really a possibilty?

I was reading through an AFP report on Yahoo! News that says Serbia is now treating people with Internet addictions. This counseling center considers anyone who is not interested in daily activities with family and friends as a potential Internet addict and looks for other signs such as spending prolonged hours online, turning to virtual friends, and isolation. I’m not sure exactly how they treat Internet addiction, but they say treatment usually lasts one year.
Internet addiction can be harmful for those who delve into the darker side of the web, such as online gambling, cybersex, online affairs, and online gaming. But how do you know when you or someone you love is addicted to the Internet? When is it time to pull the plug and seek treatment?

What if my work includes using the internet for the 10 hours i spend at work,Dose that make me an addict?

Answer by babe19
news list this comes out all da. time if we was not on internet we be watching tv then there say we have tv addiction if someone is online 15 hrs aday they call it internet addiction yo dont have to worry if you use the internet for 4 or 6 hrs a day that is ok . just make sure you have time out from it and ur not have what they say
internet addiction. some people work on the internet for 14 hrs a day

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