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Is There a Method to Mastering the Roulette Wheel?

Roulette is one of the most popular games inside the online casino room. It is now accessible 24/7 as those who enjoy the game no longer have to go to bricks and mortars casinos like they used to two decades ago if they wanted to play the table game. There are, though, some people who use particular strategies in roulette to try to win in the long run.

Here is our in-depth look at some of them to see if they can aid the player and as a result help them make a sustained profit in the game.

Always Choose European Roulette

Players should be aware that there are many variants of roulette, and leading providers often offer a lot of them. As a case in point, look through 32Red’s selection of roulette games and you will notice that there are 12 different types to choose from. It is quite well known that the game which gives you the best odds of winning is European roulette, but in case you didn’t know, here’s why: There are 37 different numbers on the table in this game and if you enjoy playing outside bets, only 0 does not fall into a category at all. In terms of straight bets, with European roulette, you’re facing odds of 36-1, while with 00 added, that changes to 37-1. Sure, that’s slightly better returns, but it also means that you have less of a chance of winning.


Martingale is possibly one of the most common roulette strategies punters use. This can be used when betting on even money selections such as red/black, odd/even and 1-18/19-36. After each losing spin, you are expected to double your stake. This process is continued until you have a winning spin. The same system can also be used in a number of other casino games, most notably blackjack.

In theory, once you hit a winning spin, you will be at least on level terms or in some cases in profit. This sounds like a sure-fire winning strategy. However, you do need to be warned that unless you have a huge bankroll in your online account, it is difficult to keep doubling your stake. It only requires one really bad run and you could be left with nothing.

If you do want to try this strategy, it is best advised to do so in a demo mode which is offered by a number of different providers, including 32Red where you can play all 12 of their roulette games in real play and demo mode. That way, you will be able to keep an eye on your (virtual) bankroll and calculate how much you will need to invest in a real money game.

Reverse Martingale

As the name suggests, Reverse Martingale is the reverse of Martingale in some respects. Where it differs is that you double your stake with each winning spin in the game, instead of each losing one. The view with this strategy is that you should ride your luck while you are winning. When you are doubling your stake here, you are actually playing with the house’s money, therefore you should not be afraid to increase the potential return.

Unlike with regular Martingale, there are no huge risks here of losing all of your bankroll if you keep stakes as they are after a losing spin. The obvious problem is that if you keep doubling your stake with a winning spin, once you have one bad number, you are back to where you started.

If you are going to use this strategy, you should have a target in your mind as to how much you would like to win. Once you reach this figure, you should walk away with a nice profit in your pocket. If you can be disciplined in this manner, it could end up being a really successful strategy.

Group Betting

Group betting is used to cover certain sections of the roulette wheel. If the balls fall into that region, you can be confident you have a winning number. This limits the possibility of disappointment when the ball falls next door to your best number on the table.

Of course, the more numbers you take, the bigger your total stake will be. It will also limit your potential profit so you have to be careful not to overdo it by taking almost every number. The balance has to be right though as if you don’t improve your odds, you are unlikely to win very often.

Unfortunately, this is not a strategy to guarantee a profit – but some people still use it as a tactic to make their selections. You can place chips on certain groups on the wheel in a number of different ways. The most popular tends to be around 0, where usually the three numbers to the left and right are covered to give you seven different winning numbers. The majority of casino sites allow you to check the wheel before placing your bet so you can plan which area to target.

If you are going to use a roulette strategy, always weigh up the pros and cons before doing so. There is no absolute guarantee that any will prove successful in the long run. However, that does not put some people off using them. Don’t be afraid to do so, but do so smartly.