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Is this a legal method for underage gambling?

Question by rinno123: Is this a legal method for underage gambling?
If someone was 17 years old and wanted to gamble online, would this be a legal solution? He would create an account for a website and play, but only cash out when he turns 18. To clarify, this person would gamble using an online casino while under 18. Then, in a few months, when he turns 18, he would cash out any money he’s won. I feel as though this might work because most websites do not check any identification until the player tries to cash out. What are your thoughts? Besides gambling is bad and whatnot.

Answer by pdq
My thoughts are irrelevant. It’s either legal or it’s not legal.

It’s not.

3 Responses

  1. So when you turn 18, and try to cash out, and they want ID, what are you going to say when they ask why your birthdate on your ID is different than the one you signed up with.

    They’ll probably just keep your money. It’s not gambling if you can’t win.

  2. There IS NO legal method for underage gambling.

    The playing itself is what is illegal, not when you cash out.

  3. When your question includes the word “underage”, your answer is VERY likely to include the word “illegal”.

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