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Is this a scam or did I really win $850,000?

Question by Mar: Is this a scam or did I really win 0,000?
I got a call from someone who said they were from “The Golden Nugget casino” in Vegas and I just won 0,000. I don’t trust it because I did not enter any sweepstakes and they said my name just came up electronically. He tried calling me about a half a dozen times and I kept hanging up. He also said something the first time he called about Walmart-I think-behind it??? I got calls last year of the same ilk which said I won 2.5 million. Cop said it was a scam but it sounds so legit! He is so insistent that it is real! But then he says if I want my money that day I would have to pay a” Custom’s fee of 1%, which, of course would be about 0. But last year he wanted me to buy some Walmart card and do all this crap. I ignored last year but now I’m wondering… I can’t get him to quit calling me! I threatened him with harassment and I would call the police. If he was fake would he really continue with this scam–go THAT far! I hung up on him and threatened him! He persists. I can’t find this scam on the internet. Does anyone know anything specifically on it so I can call him on it if he contacts me again? If he has the nerve (And I think he does.)

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