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1. Inter Casino Visit £/€/$250 97.43% Download
2. 32Red Online Casino Visit £/€/$160 98.24% Download
3. Jackpot City Casino Visit £/€/$500 97.21% Download
4. All Slots Casino Visit £/€/$500 97.39% Download

Learning the Casino Slots Rules

Slot machines are highly popular among online casino gamblers since you don’t to invest a lot in slots. Also, you don’t have to have expert knowledge as general common sense is enough to play on slots. Actually, casino slots rules are very straightforward and simple.

Choice is Yours

Why choice is yours? Because you have wide verity of options before you and you can decide which slot machine you would like to go for. If we say in terms of reels then you have two options before you – 3 or 5 reels. There are different options for pay lines as well.

Generally gamblers choose the slots as per the amount needed to play; in simple terms a gambler decides the slots based on the bet. Going for maximum bet is considered as the best; it refers that player first would like to understand the number of coins for each round are needed to bet.

For better payouts betting for max is good but most of the slot machines offer you to bet maximum of 5 coins per bet, however, Betfair offers several types of slots. Here are the different types of slots machines available on online casions:

  • Nickel Slots

  • Dime Slots

  • Quarter Slots

  • Dollar Slots

Gamble as per Paylines

First of all you must choose the bet. Betting depends on the paylines of slots machine and you must bet on each of them hence just go for the max bet after depositing the funds. For online casinos you just have to click on the Spin Button (there is no need to pull out the bar as in physical casinos still you can spot on the bars on online casinos to keep up the traditional feel).

Pay Tables

Pay Tables vary according to the slot machines as well as the casinos. Actually every casino has different rules therefore you must read their rules for payouts and bonuses. In their rules you will come to know about the combinations for different payouts and bonuses as well as jackpots. You need to read them carefully to make it big in online casinos.

Online Casinos Vs Physical Casinos

In most of the cases online casinos have the same rules as physical casinos. The base mantra of each casino is to lure the gamblers with higher payouts and bonuses; however, it is the jackpot that lures the gamblers a lot.


As aforesaid jackpots are the favorite attractions for gamblers. Jackpots are set by a computer program and when one player wins the jackpot this program automatically set the jackpot again so that other players can too try and win the jackpot.

The bet denominations for jackpots initiate differently each time. As you won one jackpot there is next jackpot to win in progressive slot machines. In simple slots (that is not progressive) the jackpot amount remains the same.


Why these online slot machines are so popular? The reason is winning rate. Most of the online slots have more than 90% win rate. So just keep betting and winning with online slot machines.