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Starting an online gambling site, what are the laws?

Question by andawaytheygo: Starting an online gambling site, what are the laws?
I’ve come up with a revolutionary new way to gamble online – yet I know nothing of the rules behind setting up an online site. I’m sure that some are in place…what legal obstacles would I face? What if the site is based in Quebec (ie) ? Any links or personal testimony would be a help….thanks.

Answer by ZCT
You would need to find a good lawyer and have them research the ramifications of that for you. This is one of those things where you can’t just post a question online and hope for a sensible answer. If you are serious about the major undertaking of this kind of business, you would definiately have a great lawyer do plenty of research up front.

I once wrote a web site for a doctor who wanted to sell Viagra online. He paid me all kinds of money to do it. A few weeks after he launched the site, the medical board in Tennessee wrote him and told him to stop doing it, as this state does not allow that kind of thing (imagine that).

So he was out thousands of dollars he had spent paying me to make a web site, which he could have saved if he had done the proper research in the first place.

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  1. For a detailed primer on Canadian gaming laws check this link: http://www.pokerpulse.com/legal/viewtopic.php?t=14

    It will give you a start or at least give you some kind of basis you can discuss intelligently with a business attorney.

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