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Why after a big win at gambling to i find my self high?

Question by Sammy Amith: Why after a big win at gambling to i find my self high?
Every time i gamble and win it gets my blood flowing its like the best feeling in the world. That feeling right before that horse crosses the finish line in first is a better feeling then sex to me. Is this a normal feeling?

Answer by Tim
Sounds to me you really like the action. When I wager it is un emotional as I know my odds and expect to grind out a small profit. This is due to massive research and capping. Also I bet a small amt. of bankroll on each event so one bet does not metter much to me. What you are describing is normal, but it is the emotion that creates problems. Gamblers feel alive when the dice are dancing. At least you aren’t addicted to losing though. That is woarse and yes some people never feel more alive than when they are down big. Hope this helps.

Answer by Gambler
When you feel high after winning you should take the profits and more to relax while playing free casino games or any other place you like on the web.

3 Responses

  1. Of course that is a normal feeling it is the fact that you are willing to spend big money on something that you have no control over. It is like picking who is going to win the super bowl before the season starts just the fact that you made the right choice is a good feeling in general but since you could potentially lose something that you worked for it is a thrill ride the more money you gamble and win the greater the “high” you will feel I have done the same thing it really is a great feeling

  2. Yes it’s normal – sort of!

    It’s also what gets people ADDICTED to gambling.

    There are 2 Truths to gambling that I talk about a lot:

    Truth #1 – It’s VERY easy to win money through gambling! That’s what gets your adrenaline pumping and gives you that big HIGH.

    Truth #2 – (This is the one that many addicts don’t discover until it’s too late.) It’s just a LITTLE BIT EASIER to LOSE money by gambling! The addict might even THINK this is true, but it just doesn’t matter. He is just looking for that occasional high that winning gives him. It doesn’t matter that he is getting further and further into debt.

  3. Doreen Gonzales

    Yes, it’s very normal. Your having fun that’s why you feel that way. And aside from that, you win the game so that was another thing to consider why you feel that way.

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