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Why are kids going to college these days in this economy?

Question by Believeland: Why are kids going to college these days in this economy?
Dont you kids know that you are racking up student debt for yourselves, and chances are better than not that you are NOT going to find a job with your newly acquired “skills.” What is possessing you to go to college in this unceratin economic climate the country, nea, the WORLD is IN?!! DOnt be stupid!

Answer by FR3ERID3R
The same things pissing me off

but the mindset kind of goes like this too

“since the economy is bad now, and there aren’t jobs available…I think I’ll go take more school and wait this bad economy out while I specialize in something and prove it with a degree”

it’s kind of a gamble but either way it racks up debt.

I think something a lot of future college students don’t understand is that once you’re out of college, you are most likely going to have to worry about your debt for another few years which sets you back that much further. YA you keep thinking you’re ahead of the game because you’re taking so much school but know the limit…it could hold you back too. Once you’re in the job world, thats when you’re going to need to pay your debts, your insurance, your monthly house bills along w/tv, internet, phone etc…And parents won’t be there for ever. Maybe for some kids there will be but be realistic

I’m 17 and I’m always ranting about this but nobody really listens that is my age in that mindset. But I live in a town where everybody pretty much thinks like my quote up above.

3 Responses

  1. No economic situation is permanent.

  2. If they had control of the money they’d spend on it,
    and could save that instead, plus working as much as possible-
    most couldn’t even get by in the economy “these days”.
    When governments plan for universities and colleges,
    they take people off the job market, get them living in
    cheap communal housing,
    and keep them as consumers.

  3. New name, it must be spring!

    “in this economy”

    You’ve made the assumption that the current economy will be the rule for the next fifty years.

    Instability in the stock market, real estate market, commodities market, and every other financial market. The one proven investment is in a good college degree, your grandparents learned this during the last depression. You can’t be sure your house will gain in value or that your stocks will be worth anything, but an education does help you get a job. And they can’t tax a degree.

    Note, not in a bad college degree in something you took because it seemed interesting or was easy.

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