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Would you like to take this Robert De Niro quiz?

Question by Kevin The Movie Maniac: Would you like to take this Robert De Niro quiz?
1. What movies did Robert De Niro direct?
2. True or False Robert De Niro produced Casino?
3. Where was he born?
4. What was his first credited movie?
5. What was his characters name in Goodfellas?
6. How many movies has he and Martin Scorsese worked on together?
7. How many oscar nominations does he have?
8. Which film did he win best supporting actor?
9. What is his date of birth?
10. What is the name of his current wife?
BQ: On a scale of 1-10 how hard was this quiz?
No cheating! Don’t use the internet to look up answers, also no editing your answers because that looks like cheating to me.

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